Wednesday, March 4, 2009

rumbly tumbly

i've been so sick. i slept literally all day yesterday. angela was pretty awesome and brought me food from o'charley's. i ate two rolls, and dipped them in my soup, then i ate some grapes. i think i had about 13 points total yesterday. needless to say, i just did not feel like eating any more than that. i didn't get my workout in last night - unless you count the trips to the bathroom. makes me feel a little guilty, but i was just not up to it.

i cannot believe i slept that much. i got up at about 6, and stayed up long enough to watch idol, then it was right back to sleeping...i had a dream that the reason i was sick was because daniel didn't let me get enough rest on the sims. speaking of idol, i really liked felicia last night...and she has awesome hair!!! i can't help it, i also like nathaniel...he's such a little drama queen. vote for the worst's pick is alex, and i really enjoyed him, too. hehe.

i'm feeling a bit better tummy's a little rumbly tumbly, but i haven't been in the bathroom in about 12 hours, so that's good. also, the massive headache is long gone, thankfully.

i've been trying to work on some wedding plans, but can't seem to make any decisions. haha. we still want to go to hawaii on our honeymoon, and a huge part of me wants to just get married while we're there, and then maybe have a dinner for our family and friends when we return. i'm sure we'll come up with something.

can i just say i'm sick of work?!?

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