Monday, March 23, 2009

updates all around

1st things 1st:

week 7 weigh in results: -1.0; -17.5 total

i was a little disappointed in my weight loss this week. i was hoping for a really big number. i guess i thought all of the working out i was doing would turn into a huge number, but i try to remind myself that, even though i'm making reasonably good choices, i'm still eating out every meal, and that makes it hard as i don't know the exact calories in the food from the nicer restaurants. places like subway seem to be easier to track, but at the sit-down restaurants, i just have to make an educated guess. not that i'm making excuses - i'm not. i know that eating at kona grill (amazing, btw) was not the healthiest thing to do. do i regret it? no. because it'd be crazy to think i wouldn't eat potstickers ever again.

for anyone that is lacking motivation or wonders where to pull their motivation, this is a link to one of my favorite blog posts in history.

saturday was mandi's shower for friends, family, and coworkers in the charleston area. it was really fun! angela, sarah, and i threw it for her, and i'm glad everyone got together. we laughed a lot, and she seemed to get a lot of useful stuff - and some really cute stuff, too.

i had some lovely time saturday evening. jill and madi and i grabbed dinner and spent a few hours laughing and talking. madi is getting to be the biggest girl ever - she was loving on her aunt aims! she was cracking me up because she decided she needed to wave at everyone that passed her in outback. she's definitely got her daddy's personality when it comes to not knowing a stranger. spending time with madi makes me realize i could do that whole mother thing one day.

sunday was wedding planning day. mandi and i went to david's bridal and i tried on gowns...and found one i love! i want nothing more than to post a pic of my dress here - even though it doesn't do it justice - but i know daniel will be reading this as soon as i hit publish, so everyone will just hafta wait until the big day. hehe. we also ran down to the rose garden to pick a spot within the garden to hold the wedding and i think we decided on having buddy's bbq cater for us. seems like things are coming together....shouldn't be too much left to do, really. flowers, decorations, and invitations - i know what i want...just need to get to ordering.

daniel booked our honeymoon flights last night, too. :) i squealed. i was so excited. our hotel is on waikiki beach - and it looks really nice. thank goodness for marriott rewards points. i can't wait to go to hawaii. i hope i can find a cute tankini before we go!

back in richmond again today...woo. i do love our hotel, though. it's a lot nicer than the other hotels we had been staying in.

tomorrow is my mom's 44th birthday - well, would be. this is usually such a hard day for me, but i'm really going to attempt to remember the positives and not dwell on the pain that's been caused over the years. in an effort to do this, i'm going to focus on my favorite "mom" memories...the vultures at pizza hut...singing reo speedwagon while prom dress shopping...eating chi chi's...posing at myrtle beach...walking the beagle club high school graduation day...her and misty singing the bsb on the way to elkins...sometimes i forget about these, and i think it's important to find a way to focus on them.

it's part of that changing me thing, ya know?

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  1. I loved the sneak peak of the dress! Can't wait to see it in person!