Thursday, March 12, 2009

some days...

i get so sick of dieting. i get frustrated with myself. get mad because i let myself get to this weight...that i hafta count points every day, and watch every little thing i put into my mouth. i know, i know. but i'm losing weight! it's a good thing. and something i'm going to have to do every day of my life. but today i am FRUS-TRA-RATED.

i made myself go work out, even though i didn't really feel like it, and even though i really wanted to go to coldstone creamery and eat a strawberry, white chocolate chip, and graham cracker ice cream waffle bowl. instead i worked out. and i'm glad i did. i decided to change up the workout music, and listened to some yellowcard instead of the usual dmb-ness. "believe" lyrics caught my attention:

wanna make a change or two right now
wanna live a life like you somehow
wanna make your sacrifice worthwhile

yes, i want to make my sacrifice worthwhile. what's the point in changing my eating habits and my life priorities if i'm going to blow my hard work on some stupid ice cream that isn't even worth it?

i think i was just feeling sorry for myself tonight. i hate richmond, i miss daniel, i'm missing my mom a lot - it's march and i just got engaged -, i'm worrying about parker, i'm super worried about my grandma, did i mention i miss daniel?

anyways, enough of my pity party. i worked out, may have eaten a little worse than i should have this week, but i'm hoping the scale will be kind because i did work out and stayed in points if you count activity points. i'm going to sit here and enjoy another bottle of water and grey's anatomy/private practice.



  1. I feel ya! I get pissed off all the time that everything that I put in my mouth matters... I want to pout and stomp my feet because I get overwhelmed in pity!

    It is okay to feel that way... You can stop by my blog anytime you want and tell me how much it blows! Blah!

  2. Bad week this week. But next week can only get better. Ok well not really, but we can try. That's all we can do is try.

    I know you are worried about alot right now and I wish I could take some of it from you. But even though you feel like you ate like crap this week, you did exercise and when you got all your bad news, you didn't eat. That is the positive side to all of this! No emotional eating, just working out.